»Powerful« Non-wired Sports Top

»Powerful« Non-wired Sports Top

»Powerful« Non-wired Sports Top


Non-wired sports bra with a nice lace on the back is an ideal choice for fashion and sports trendsetters. Its main role is to keep your breasts in place as much as possible while looking elegant and sexy at the same time.
This wireless sports bra is intended for less demanding sports activities. It is ideal for all athletes who like lingerie without wire support. Micro material is responsible for the comfortable feeling during movement because it separates moisture and sweat at any moment, allowing the skin to breathe. While jumping or during a match, your breasts will be supported by a wide elastic band placed under your breasts.

-     non-wired sports bra
-     intended for women who are not fans of wire support during recreation
-     active functional sports bra, suitable for lower intensity workouts
-     micro material for moisture separation
-     quick dry
-     wide, soft elastic under the breasts for great support and stability
-     the back of the top with lace is breathable and sexy at the same time

Polyamide: 80% Elastan: 20%