»Powerful« Non-wired Sports Bra – F Cup

»Powerful« Non-wired Sports Bra – F Cup

»Powerful« Non-wired Sports Bra – F Cup


Black, functional sports bra with a touch of »sexy« in the form of shaped cups and lace for avid athletes who like to take care of themselves. Foam cups fit nicely and provide softness and a feeling of comfort during recreation. You will probably no longer want to take your bra off.
Negative thoughts, like: »Will my breasts come out when I bend down« and the fear of pain caused by bouncing of heavy breasts during exercise is a thing of the past. The middle part between the cups is now raised and very well secured, which is more than suitable for larger breasts. Provides excellent fit and good enveloping. A soft, elastic band was added under the breasts for ensuring stability.
Soft, wide straps will take care of relieving the shoulders if you have heavy breasts. The strap will not cut into the shoulder, and the weight of the breasts is evenly distributed.
The bra is made of micro material that separates moisture from the body and enables the skin to breathe.
Now you can finally move around without any worry!

-     sexy non-wired sports bra for a very good fit
-     an ideal choice if you are not a fan of wire support during recreation
-     shaped foam cups for a great fit
-     active functional sports bra, suitable for medium intensity workouts
-     micro material for moisture separation and skin breathing
-     quick dry
-     wide elastic band for better stability of the breasts during movement
-     raised and fixed middle part will ensure an excellent fit in larger sizes
-     wide, soft shoulder straps for shoulder relief and even weight distribution
-     adjustable fastening band and straps

Polyamide: 84% Elastan: 16%