"Malia" One-Piece Swimsuit

"Malia" One-Piece Swimsuit

"Malia" One-Piece Swimsuit


Stripes rule! It’s time to shine in bold, wet-looking swimsuits with shimmering colourful stripes. This light, one-piece swimsuit features a colourful and striped design on its straight cleavage, which offers a modern look and visually shapes your body. Its thin removable straps allow for different styles: with or without the straps.

-     light one-piece, non-wired and non-padded swimsuit
-     straight cut on the cleavage with striped glimmering hems
-     single-coloured swimsuit with coloured striped print
-     high-leg cut
-     straps allow for different styles: can be worn with or without the straps
-     straight neckline in the back

Polyester: 78% Elastan: 22%