Nightdress »Fantasy«

Nightdress »Fantasy«

Nightdress »Fantasy«


Comfortable nightdress with a pleated waist that gently accentuates your figure. Added buttons make it an ideal choice for breastfeeding moms as well. Cotton nightdress allows the skin to breathe and is soft to the touch.

-      monochrome nightdress
-      nightdress length: 95 cm
-      natural material: cotton
-      elastic in the waist slightly pleats the material, nicely accentuating the feminine figure
-      round neckline that ends with an elegant narrow edging
-      plaid pocket and a bow for a superb modern impression
-      wide elastic in the waist for a great fit
-      button fastening makes it suitable for breastfeeding moms as well

Cotton: 95% Elastan: 5%