60448 - »Romance« Non-wired Triangle Bra

60448 - »Romance« Non-wired Triangle Bra

60448 - »Romance« Non-wired Triangle Bra


Light non-wired bra for all those who find comfort exceptionally important, but do not want to give up femininity and seductive sexy lingerie. The cups on the cleavage end with gentle lace that provides sophistication and timeless femininity. Its beautiful foam cups in the modern triangular shape will fit even smaller breasts. The material on the cups is smooth and tight, so the bra will not be visible underneath seductively tight shirts and tops.

-     non-wired foam cup bra
-     foam cups in a modern triangular shape
-     jacquard mesh combined with lace
-     suitable for smaller sizes
-     straps adjustable by length
-     youthful and trendy lingerie
-     great choice as a first bra

Polyamide: 72% Elastan: 28%